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Best Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Noida

The Gyne Clinic is a dedicated clinic for the well-being of women of all ages from adolescents to the elderly. Dr. Neha Gupta, who is a Gynecologist in Noida or Obstetrician in Noida, is a Senior Consultant at Fortis Hospital, Sector 62, Noida, and Director at The Gine Clinic, Sector 29, Noida.
The services offered include:-
Antenatal care/ Pregnancy check-up
Normal( Vaginal) Birth
Cesarean Birth
Vaginal birth after previous cesarean Section
Pre-conceptional advice and discussion
Abortion/ miscarriage support and services
Gynecology Service

Gynecologist in Noida

      Consultation and treatment for the following problems:-

  •       Painful Periods ( Dysmenorrhea)
  •       Heavy Periods 
  •       Irregular Periods
  •       Absent / missed periods
  •       Vaginal Infection
  •       PCOS
  •       Pelvic infection
  •       Pelvic pain
  •       Endometriosis
  •       Menopause
  •       Infertility 
  •       Birth control
  •       MTP


       Procedures like

  •       Routine gynecology check-ups
  •       PAP smear/ HPV testing
  •       Cu-T/ IUD/ Mirena insertion
  •       Colposcopy/ Cervical Biopsy
  •       Endometrial Sampling
  •       Dilatation and Curettage
  •       Ablation- Cryo / LEEP
  •       Bartholin’s cyst marsupialization
  •       Hysteroscopy- Diagnostic & Operative
  •       Laparoscopy- Diagnostic & Operative
  •       Tubal recanalization/ Tuboplasty
  •       Myomectomy / Fibroid removal
  •       Hysterectomy- Laparoscopic/ Vaginal/ Abdominal
  •       Prolapse Repair


Gynecology Procedure

Best Gynecologist Doctor in Noida

Noida is fortunate to have a vibrant health care infrastructure. Dr. Neha Gupta, who is an experienced Gynecologist in Noida is well trained from the best centers of India and abroad. Most gynecologists are performing surgeries that are high-end, minimally invasive, and comparable with the best. Multispecialty hospitals like Fortis hospital also provide a pool of doctors from other specialties. Hence a cardiologist’s presence ensures safe management of gynecological problems with cardiac issues. Similarly, once surgeons help out carry advanced gynecological cancers which are the commonest causes of cancers in females. Urological complications after pregnancy can similarly be tackled well with a urologist in the team.

Why do you need a gynecologist?

A female passes through a lot of biological changes from childhood to adulthood. Adolescents have problems when they start having periods. Gynaecologists can help understand the changes and ensure a smooth passage to adulthood. Many vaccines are recommended to prevent infections and cancers in adulthood. They are best administered during adolescence. 

Pregnancy is an important milestone that every female looks forwards to. From helping get pregnant in infertile couples to the management of pregnancy, Obstetricians and gynecologists play an important role. Investigations and procedures are available to get infertility couples to conceive. Obstetrician ensures pregnancy is smooth and no adverse events occur in growing fetus. Delivery needs to be painless and without complications and it is one of the commonest reasons for maternal and child death. A good obstetrician decides the route of delivery based on scientific parameters and either helps a painless normal delivery or a cesarean section. Post-delivery management of the mother is also important as is advice on nutrition and exercise.

Menopause is another milestone and can cause many problems from hot flushes, osteoporosis, and abnormal bleeding. They can be managed by medications and monitored by many tests available. Cancers of the reproductive tract are the commonest cancers in females and any abnormal bleed needs investigation. Growths within the uterus need to be biopsied. Hysterectomy is a safe and minimally invasive procedure when the uterus needs to be removed. It can be done by total laparoscopic way or by vaginal routes. Occasionally it needs to be done by abdominal routes, but the idea is safety.

Best Gynecologist in Noida

How do we work?

Dr. Neha Gupta is a highly trained best Gynecologist in Noida Sector 62, who has spent years as Associate Professor in a leading Medical College in Delhi. This academic background ensures an academic approach that is evidence-based to every problem. She practices at Fortis Hospital, Sector 62, NOIDA. She also has her clinic at Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, NOIDA. Patients can take appointments either online through the Fortis online appointment app, or the calling at +91-88006 06562 . Patients will be thoroughly evaluated by taking a detailed history, a proper examination, and then corroborating by getting relevant investigations. Surgeries and deliveries are done at Fortis Hospital, Sector 62, NOIDA. Dr. Neha Gupta is the best Gynecologist in Fortis Noida.

Why we are the best?

Academic background, educated in Delhi with the latest and updated knowledge and empathy for patients ensure the best treatment. Surgeries done at the multispecialty hospitals (Fortis Hospital, NOIDA) ensures good backup of multiple specialties in case of any high risk. Patients are not over-burdened with tests, but relevant tests are done to ensure nothing is missed. 


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Pregnancy is the process whereby the life of a baby begins within the mother’s womb and up to the stage when it is safe to expose the baby to the outside world. Pregnancy brings extensive change in a women’s life. Pregnancy is a very precious and important event in a woman’s life where the complete care of both mother and child is utmost important.  Know more…

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