C-Section or Cesarean section In Noida

C-Section or Cesarean section

Cesarean Section or LSCS, lower segment cesarean section is a safe procedure done to deliver a baby from expecting mother where undergoing a normal delivery would increase risk to mother or baby’s health. It may be a planned (elective) or done is an emergency.

Reasons for cesarean section

Normal delivery is always your doctor’s first choice as it is the nature’s way of child birth. But many times undergoing a normal (vaginal) delivery is not possible or dangerous for either mother or baby and cesarean delivery is the only option available. A few reasons for cesarean delivery are mentioned below-

Contracted pelvis- a smaller bony passage which doesn’t allow baby to descend the birth canal.

Cephalo-Pelvic disproportion (CPD) or smaller birth passage as compared to size of baby.

Placenta Previa- a condition where placenta supplying blood to baby is very close or blocking the birth passage.

Previous two or more cesarean section- scar may give way during attempt to vaginal delivery.

Any cervical fibroid/ tumor or malignancy

Baby in abnormal presentation like transverse lie or certain cases of breech.

Twins pregnancy with first baby as non-cephalic presentation or triplets

Fetal distress – when baby’s heart rate drops/increases to unsafe levels during birthing

Prolonged and obstructed labor- where all attempts to normal delivery are futile, mostly when even strong labor pains are not enough to help the baby descend down the birth canal or the baby is stuck in birth passage due to deflexion/ abnormal position.

PROM with failed induction- mother does not progress in labor after breaking of bag of water.

How is cesarean delivery done?

If you have been advised an elective cesarean procedure you may be required to clear anesthesia checkup.

Doctor would advise admission night before or early morning.

A few hours of fasting are required.

You would be given a prophylactic antibiotic after a test dose and an intravenous cannula would be placed in your hand through which some premedication is given.

You would be given a prophylactic antibiotic after a test dose and an intravenous cannula would be placed in your hand through which some premedication is given.

Mostly Spinal anesthesia is given numb the abdomen and feet make LSCS pain free.

The doctor after painting and draping your abdomen gives a 10cm horizontal incision a few centimeters above pubic bone.

Next, an incision is made on the lower part of womb aka uterus to extract the baby.

Cord is clamped after a minute, cord blood collected and baby handed over to the pediatrician.

You can request a photograph with your baby at this time!

By this time injections have been given to help uterus contract, placenta is delivered and uterus closed.

Subsequently the counts are checked and abdomen closed in layers.

After observation in recovery, you are shifted to room.

Cesarean section takes around 45minutes


Cesarean is a commonly done procedure and considered safe but nothing is risk free in this world. Some problems that may occur are as follows

Excessive bleeding after childbirth or Post-partum hemorrhage, which may require blood transfusion, ICU admission or other surgical/medical management.

Respiratory problems to baby requiring nursery admission- TTNB /RDS etc.

Wound infection or surgical site infection

Injury to urinary bladder/ intestine – in case of adhesions due to previous surgery.

Rarely injury to baby if deeply impacted

Anesthesia complications

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