Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery In Noida

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgery in Noida: What You Need to Know

The Gyne Clinic headed by renowned gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Neha Gupta is a leading centre for laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery in Noida, offering high-quality care and advanced technology. Dr. Neha Gupta who has performed over 5000 laparoscopic surgeries for various gynaecological conditions. The clinic also provides comprehensive services for women’s health, such as infertility treatment. If you are looking for a safe and effective solution for your uterine problems, you can book an appointment with The Gyne Clinic and get the best laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery in Noida

What is

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy ?

Laparoscopic hysterectomy is a less invasive surgical procedure that involves the removal of the uterus by making small incisions in the abdomen. This procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia and is typically used to treat conditions such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and abnormal uterine bleeding.


While a traditional hysterectomy involves a large abdominal incision, a laparoscopic hysterectomy is a minimally invasive approach.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

A laparoscopic hysterectomy may be recommended by a doctor if a woman has conditions including:

Fibroids :

Fibroids are noncancerous growths that develop in the uterus and can cause pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and other symptoms.


It is a condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside of it, causing pain, inflammation, and infertility.


In Adenomyosis, the tissue that lines the uterus grows into the muscle wall of the uterus, causing pain, heavy bleeding, and other symptoms.

Abnormal uterine bleeding :

If a woman experiences heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding ​ (Menorrhagia), her healthcare professional may recommend a laparoscopic hysterectomy to stop the bleeding.

Uterine prolapse :

Uterine prolapse is a condition in which the uterus descends into the vaginal canal, causing discomfort, incontinence, and other symptoms. The laparoscopic approach may be used to treat this condition.

Gynaecologic cancer :

Gynaecologic cancer involves a group of cancers that affect the tissue and organs of the female reproductive system. While treatment for gynaecologic cancer depends on various factors, a laparoscopic hysterectomy may be recommended as part of the treatment plan for some of them.

How to Prepare for a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

Before a laparoscopic hysterectomy, a patient is often asked to follow certain guidelines by their doctors. Here’s what you may be asked to do:

Medical evaluation :

Before the surgery, you will undergo a few medical tests including a physical examination, blood tests, and other diagnostic tests to ensure that you are healthy enough for the surgery.

Stop taking certain medications :

Your doctor may advise you to stop taking certain medications that can increase the risk of bleeding, such as blood thinners, aspirin, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Eating and drinking :

Before the procedure, the patient may be instructed not to eat or drink anything for a certain period.

Prepare for recovery :

For a few days after the procedure, have someone who can help you with your daily chores.

What Happens During a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

A laparoscopic hysterectomy is commonly done using general anaesthesia to ensure that the patient is unconscious and is not feeling any pain. The surgeon then proceeds to make small incisions in the abdomen through which the laparoscope and other surgical instruments are inserted.


The surgeon may remove the uterus intact or in pieces, depending on its size and the reason for the procedure. After the uterus is removed, the surgeon may also decide to remove the cervix and/or ovaries, if necessary.

Pain and discomfort :

You may experience pain in the abdomen and pelvis for a few days after the procedure.

Vaginal bleeding/discharge :

Vaginal bleeding/discharge: The patient may experience vaginal bleeding and discharge for a few weeks post-operation.

Fatigue :

The patient may feel tired and weak for up to several days after the procedure.

Restrictions on physical activity :

After the surgery, you will need to avoid strenuous physical activity for a few weeks.

Follow-up :

It is essential to schedule and attend follow-up appointments with your doctor to monitor your recovery and ensure there are no complications.

What Are Some Potential Benefits of a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

Some potential benefits of a laparoscopic hysterectomy include:

Minimally invasive :

It is a minimally invasive procedure that can result in less pain and a quicker recovery time compared to a traditional hysterectomy.

Reduced scarring :

The small incisions made during a laparoscopic hysterectomy result in less scarring.

Shorter hospital stay :

A patient who undergoes a laparoscopic hysterectomy can leave the hospital fairly quickly, especially when compared to the traditional approach.

What Are the Risks of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

While laparoscopic hysterectomy is generally considered safe, like any surgical procedure, it carries some risks. Some of the risks of laparoscopic hysterectomy include infection, bleeding, damage to nearby organs, anaesthesia complications, blood clots and adverse reactions to medications.


Please note it is important to discuss these risks with your doctor before undergoing the procedure and to follow all pre-and post-operative instructions to minimize your risk of complications.

What Is the Cost of a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy in Noida, India?

The cost of a laparoscopic hysterectomy in Noida, India, can vary depending on several factors, including the hospital or clinic where the surgery is performed, the surgeon’s fees, the patient’s medical condition, history, age, and the complexity of the procedure.


It is important to note that the cost of laparoscopic hysterectomy may be lower in India when compared to other countries, but it is important to choose a qualified and experienced gynaecologist and hospital to ensure the safety and success of the procedure.

Dr Neha Gupta is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Noida and Delhi-NCR. With her extensive experience and surgical skills, Dr Neha Gupta is one of the most well-recognised gynaecologists & obstetricians at The Gyne Clinic based in Noida. She has several years of experience in conducting laparoscopic gynaecological surgeries including total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH).

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