Exercises and Nutrition in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important landmark for families and individuals. Everyone wants a healthy baby and uneventful pregnancy. Routine obstetrician checkup is important to ensure the good health of the mother and fetus. Any complications arising during pregnancy can be managed timely so as not to impact the health of the child.  

Something most neglected is exercise and nutrition in Indian households. Exercise is important to ensure good muscles and health of mother around delivery and months after that. Many useful exercises are recommended according to the time of pregnancy and the condition of the fetus. It is useful to ask gynecologists for easy exercise that can be practically followed. Most exercises can be done from home too, when covid and pollution may be detrimental to going out of the home.

Nutrition is important to provide nutrients for the growing fetuses and more energy needs of the mother. All aspects of nutrition from carbohydrates, proteins to vitamins and minerals should be adequate to ensure adequate development. A gynecologist is of help in that aspect too.

Most hospitals and clinics are equipped with all the above information and patients should act on them from early pregnancy.

Many obstetricians in NOIDA practice a holistic approach to pregnancy, which includes this important aspect too.

Gynecologists in Sector 29 NOIDA include the Gyne clinic at Ganga Shopping Complex. Dr. Neha Gupta is a top obstetrician and Gynecologist in Noida. She also practices in Fortis Hospital Sector 62 as a Senior Consultant in the Department of Gynecology. She can be contacted for a holistic approach to pregnancy. This includes regular tests, checkups, advice on nutrition, exercises, and other counseling. She also has an ethical practice and gives an adequate trial of normal labor. If normal labor is difficult or is impacting the health of the fetus, only then is a cesarean section advised. She can be contacted at docnehanigam@gmail.com or at the mobile numbers mentioned on the website.


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