Noida as center of excellence for gynecology in India

Northern India has lately been developing its medical abilities and NOIDA is in forefront of this development. Fortis Hospital has consistently been voted as the best hospital in India. Multispecialty has an advantage as this provides help in complex cases like oncology, urology, etc. Now, most patients wish to have minimally invasive surgery. Many complex surgeries including hysterectomy and oncology can be done by laparoscopy. This not only reduces scars but also improves safety in patients. Though some surgeries still need an open route.

Dr. Neha Gupta has worked in medical colleges in Delhi and has skills for all such surgeries. Her exposure to complex cancers and urinary problems after pregnancy makes her a sought-after surgeon in these problems. She works as a Senior Consultant in Fortis Hospital and is a leading Gynecologist in Noida. Patients from Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan have made NOIDA their preferred destination for these surgeries in view of the skills of surgeons here and the reasonable cost of surgeries. Covid 19 pandemic has been a problem for these patients in view of restrictions in flights but as India is opening up to the world, these patients will find Noida as an ideal destination for medical tourism.

Gynecology practice in NOIDA is top class and comparable to the best in World. Most gynecologists here are trained across the best centers across India and the world, and have skills that are comparable to the best in any place. However certain challenges remain.

Academic discussions amongst gynecologists can involve foreign doctors and other Indian doctors to project the skill present in gynecologists of NOIDA. With online mode available, this is certainly a possibility. The presence of Medical tourism firms still has not been sufficiently been focused on NOIDA. Multispecialty hospitals like Fortis offer all treatments under one roof. Most importantly, any complication in a major surgery can be managed more easily as all specialists are available in a single place.

It is time to know that NOIDA has some of the best gynecologists.


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