Obstetrics has always been dealing with pregnancy and its management. Gynecology deals with other aspects of the female reproductive system. Over time, many subspecialties are getting incorporated into this specialty.

Traditionally cancer was a subspecialty of surgeons. But since patients first see a gynecologist for abnormal bleedings, many gynecologists are now branching into gynecological oncosurgery as a specialty. They are getting specialized in laparoscopic and open management of cancers affecting the reproductive tract. Hence more cervical cancers, ovarian cancers, and endometrial cancers are being treated by gynecologists. Breast lumps are also being managed by gynecologists. Dr. Neha Gupta is a Gynecologist in Noida at Fortis Hospital and specializes in the management of such cancers. With Fortis hospital being a specialized center for oncology care, this provides comprehensive care for cancer patients with regards to oncologists, radiotherapists, and oncosurgeons.

Another subspecialty is urological gynecology. Bladder and urethral problems arising after pregnancy or gynecological surgeries are increasingly being managed by gynecologists. Urologists may be a part of surgery or the surgery may be independently be done by a gynecologist depending on complexity. A super-specialist hospital like Fortis hospital gives advantages for such surgeries. A team of gynecologists and urologists can manage all complex cases with minimal complications.

Ultrasound of a fetus during pregnancy is yet another branch that gynecologists are working into. Radiologists have traditionally been doing scans for pregnancy. But fetal medicine as a sub-branch of gynecology has come a long way. Many gynecologists in NOIDA are working a fetal medicine specialists.

Osteoporosis management has been managed by endocrinologists. But post-menopausal osteoporosis is being increasingly managed by gynecologists in Noida. From oral medications to injectable teriparatide and denosumab injections, Dr. Neha Gupta is the right doctor to approach. She works at her clinic at Sector 29 NOIDA. She can be contacted at thrgyneclinic.com or consulted at The Gyne Clinic, Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector 29, NOIDA.


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