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Dr. Neha Gupta is a compassionate and competent Obstetrician and Gynecologist with a more than 17years of experience in conducting normal deliveries, difficult vaginal/ instrumental deliveries, and complicated cesarean sections in reputed hospitals of Delhi/NCR. She is an well known gynecologist in NCR with expertise in medical and surgical treatment of gynecological problems.

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

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Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • Preg is a special time – full of joy, excitement, apprehension and advises
  • Correct Knowledge of what to eat often missing from busy OPDs
  • Very important to eat right- meet demands of growing fetus
  • Myth=Eat for two…. instead eat twice as healthy
  • Extra calories ( fourth month onwards)
    • 350 Cal/ day@single baby
    • 600 Cal/ day@twins
    • 900 Cal/ day@ triplets
  • Take prenatal vitamins as per consultation of your doctor as it help cover up vitamin and mineral deficiency
    • Folic acid – prevent birth defect of brain and spine, general growth & development of baby & placenta-
    • Iron- helps increase Red blood cells to give oxygen to baby
    • Calcium- strong bones and teeth
    • Vit D- builds baby’s bones & teeth
    • Choline- development of baby’s brain and spine
    • Omega 3 fatty acid
    • Vit B6 – Helps form Red Blood Cells
    • Vit B12- maintains nervous system
    • Vit C- healthy gums, teeth, bones
  • Overweight and obese pregnant women are at risk of complications like high blood pressure, pre eclampsia, pre term, gestational diabetes

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