Things every mom-to-be should consider to safely exercise during pregnancy

Things every mom-to-be should consider to safely exercise during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits. It not only helps you stay in shape but also prepares your body for delivery and labour. However, it’s essential to be a little cautious before you start doing any sort of physical activity. Here are a few tips to consider.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey for everyone and most people want to cherish it as much as they can. However, when you are with a child, it becomes essential that you focus on staying healthy. To stay fit during this phase, women need to eat right, get enough rest and move their bodies.

Exercising is good for your overall health and most pregnant women benefit greatly from it. Regular prenatal exercise can help keep up your energy levels, improve some discomforts of pregnancy, better prepare you for delivery and help you recover from childbirth faster.

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However, it should be approached with caution as each pregnancy is unique and the ability to do exercises depends on that as well. To help out all the soon-to-be mothers, we have put together a list of tips to consider before they start working out.

1. Talk to your doctor

While exercising during pregnancy is encouraged, you should always consult with your doctor before starting a routine. Begin your fitness journey only after your doctor gives you a go-ahead.

2. Stop when you feel any discomfort

Always listen to your body and perform exercises accordingly. Do not push yourself to new limits when pregnant. You should stop working out immediately and see your doctor if you experience any pain or discomfort.

3. Avoid certain types of movement or exercises

Bouncing, waist twisting movements, intense exercises or lying on your back for long periods are a big no-no while you are carrying a baby. Instead, try to do safer and more gentle exercises that offer the same benefits.

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4. Stay hydrated

Drink enough water before, during and after workouts. Dehydration can increase the chances of having contractions and overheating. Make sure to always carry a bottle of water with you.

5. Avoid lying on your back

Mothers-to-be are advised to avoid exercises that involve lying on the back or standing for a long period. When you lie on your back the risk is that the weight of the uterus will press on a major vein, and restrict blood supply.

Exercise can help you stay fit and active during pregnancy. It can relieve stress, minimise fatigue and give you energy. So, talk to your doctor and begin an exercising routine. Choose something simple and easy in the beginning and slowly work your way up.


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